Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

BIGEyes Marketing Group Text Messaging Platform FAQs


Q: What is the BIGEyes Marketing text messaging service?

A: At BIGEyes Marketing, we stand by our company tag line, which is “Your Message…Our Vision.”  We have developed a reliable text messaging solution to ensure your message reaches your customers.  Our group text messaging platform allows you to send a text message from your computer or cell phone to 10 or 1,000s of people at once.


Q: How is the BIGEyes Marketing text messaging service different from other providers?

A: Customers choose our group text messaging platform because of the 1) cost effective pricing plans 2) simple and intuitive user interfaces 3) highly reliable SMS network and 4) flexibilit with no long term commitments.  In addition, no other provider can match our UNLIMITED message plans, allowing you to send thousands of messages per month for a low fixed rate. Click here to view all our message plans.


Q: How much do other text message providers charge for their services?

A: Other providers (such as trumpia,, clubtexting,, and message-media) charge as much as $0.10 per message.  If you were to send 10,000 messages in a month, this could cost you $1,000 or more.  In comparison, our UNLIMITED message plans would only cost you a few hundred dollars. 


Q: How do consumers join my mobile distribution list?

A: When you open a an account with BIGEyes Marketing, you select a Keyword of your choice to identify your group.  To join your group, a customer has to text your Keyword to the Short Code 41411.  For example, if your keyword were PIZZA, all your customer needs to do is text PIZZA to 41411. By doing this, they automatically become a subscriber to our text distribution list.


Q: How can I promote my BIGEyes Marketing text messaging service to my customers?

A: Promoting your text messaging and mobile marketing campaigns requires little or no investment on your part.  Advertise your keywords in all your marketing collateral and promotional activities.  The more you get people to text the keyword to 41411, the larger your text distribution list. 

Q: How do I send messages to my group?

A: You can send a text message to your group from your computer or directly from your cell phone. You can log into your account to send a message from your computer. Or, you can send a test message from your cell phone by texting ALERT KEYWORD MESSAGE to 41411. For example, if you wanted to inform your customers of a special promotion (with your keyword GOLFSTORE), your would text ALERT GOLFSTORE We have a 10% special discount today. This would send the message "We have a 10% special discount today" out to all your subscribers as an alert.

Q: How do I access my account?

A: You can login to the web at and send messages to your group.  Here you have an admin panel where you can use all the messaging services. 


Q: How long does it take for my contacts to receive the messages that I send?

A: Messages are sent instantly and arrive within 1 - 2 minutes of you sending them. If a customer's phone is turned off, or is in an area without coverage (such as inside an elevator), their carrier holds the message and delivers it as soon as the customer re-enters a coverage area.


Q: How much does this group text messaging service cost?

A: You can choose from a variety of monthly packages since we have a package to fit any size group.  There are also unlimited message plans that allow you to unlimited number of messages for a fixed monthly rate.  Click here to view pricing plans and open your free 30-day trial account now.

General Text Messaging FAQs

Q: What is a text message?

A: A Text message is a short message that can be sent to and from a cellular phone. When someone says text, texting, or SMS, or if you see TXT in print, all of these are referring to text messages.

Q: What Is SMS?

A: SMS is an acronym for Short Message Service. It is a worldwide standard for communicating textually between cellular phones.


Q: Is there a difference between email and text messaging?

A: While most phones can send and receive email, email is not the same as text messaging. There are many differences--for example a text message is sent to a phone number, while an email is sent to an email address.  Almost every text message is read and opened while over 65% of emails are spam or junk mail.


Q: What is a short code?

A Short Code is similar to the address (URL) of a website. It is a unique location to send messages to, that all cellular carriers are aware of. You combine a Short Code with a Keyword to form a call-to-action address. An example would be: 'Text KEYWORD to 41411 (SHORTCODE) to join our VIP invite list.'


Q: What is a Keyword?

A: A Keyword is a short word (which may include numbers) that customers send a text message to, in order to join your list. An example would be: 'Text KEYWORD to 41411 (SHORTCODE) to join our text messaging list.'


Q: What does it mean to Opt-In?

A: A To Opt-In is to join a list. This can be done by sending a text message containing your KEYWORD to 41411, or by entering your phone number into a web-based form. This action signifies that a customer has asked you to send them a message.


Q:Which carriers are supported?

A: * AT&T * Alltel * Bluegrass Cellular * Boost Mobile CDMA * Boost Mobile iDEN * Cellcom * Cellular South * Centennial * Cincinnati Bell * Dobson Cellular Systems * ECIT * East Kentucky Network * Immix Wireless * NTELOS * Nextel Communications * Rural Cellular Corp. * Sprint PCS Wireless * T-Mobile * US Cellular * Verizon Wireless * Virgin Mobile USA * West Central Wireless