SMS Text Messaging Platform


UNLIMITED Message Plan

Compared to other SMS providers, we offer an unlimted message plan for the 41411 short code, allowing users to send as many text message per month. With this special plan, you don't have to worry about additional fees for sending thousands of messages to your group per month.


10 or 10,000 Messages

The SMS platform can support a few hundred or over hundreds of thousands of messages at a time. We have secured partnerships with tier 1 aggregators to ensure we have the network capacity to meet your SMS requirements.


Reliable SMS Delivery

Our core competency lies in mobile technology and network services. We've not only developed the custom application to allow your to send text messages but also deploy the applications on high available servers and databases to ensure maximum availability and reliability.


Instant Notifications

Many SMS providers use email gateway systems to send their text messages, resulting in delayed delivery of messages. In some cases, the message is not even delivered through email gateways. Our systems are based on SS7 technology to ensure your messages are delivered instantly to any cell phone.


Simple User Interface

We've listened to our customers and developed a simple and easy to use iinterface to send text messages to your group. You can send a text message from your computer or directly from your cell phone. Plus, we also offer additional services if you prefer us to manage your SMS and mobile marketing campaign for you.

Sign Up and Start Sending Messsages

Mobile marketing with SMS is the use of cell phones and other mobile devices to market a brand or message through text messaging, playing a powerful role in an integrated marketing strategy. Mobile marketing is commonly used in order to increase brand awareness, obtain customer data, share critical information, advertise specific products, and drive attendance to specific events and locations. Many companys and social groups implement SMS and mobile marketing for targeted group marketing. Click here to sign up and get started.


Recent industry reports stated, compared to other forms of marketing media, over 90% of text messages are openend read by the user. This is a high customer conversation rate."

imagesA 2009 report by CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association), over 70% of all mobile phone users regularly send and receive text messages."

imagesIn a recent emarket survey, seven out of ten people who responded to mobile advertising said that a text message is what prompted their engagement."

imagesAccording to a recent market study published by CTIA states that 250+ million Americans carry mobile phones—over 80% of the nation's population."

imagesAn M:Metrics report discovered that the global mobile advertising market will be valued at over $16 billion by 2011. This number is expected to grow substantially over the next 5 years."

We understand the importance of delivering your message and have secured key business partnerships with the following cellular and network providers:

AT&T, Alltel, Bluegrass Cellular, Boost Mobile CDMA, Boost Mobile iDEN, Cellcom, Cellular South, Centennial, Cincinnati Bell, Dobson Cellular Systems, ECIT, East Kentucky Network, Immix Wireless, NTELOS, Nextel Communications, Rural Cellular Corp., Sprint PCS Wireless, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobile USA, and West Central Wireless